We create beautiful and functional interiors people want to live in

We create the interiors people want to live in...

We'll think through everything to the last detail
Proper design is not only «how to make it beautiful», but also «how to make it convenient»
Save your time and money
Competent design, drawings and design supervision spare your time, nerve cells and up to 40% of repair costs
Make the dream come true
We aim to have your eyes sparkle, to make you feel butterflies in your stomach and to make you want to recommend us to your friends
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How much the design project costs

Habitable area, m2
to 100 from 100
Price, m2 25
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The price includes

Layout concept

«The more variants - the better» principle doesn't work here. Quite the opposite, the competent designer will offer the optimal variant without shifting the choice responsibility onto the customer

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3D-visualizations of the interior

3D models of the design project, realistic to the maximum extent possible, enable seeing of your future interior in exquisite detail.

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Complete set of construction drawings

Appropriate drawings significantly boost the process of renovation, as well as prevent errors and «rearrangements» afterwards.

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List of finishing materials

It's a comprehensive selection of furniture, sanitary ware and finishing goods, used in the project, with suppliers' contact data and prices being specified for them.

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Our customers usually purchase also

Design supervision

The design supervision helps to move in to the space of your dream as quickly as possible.

Price $300 / month

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Project + design supervision + procurement

We help you with the purchase timely logistics of decoration materials, furniture, sanitary ware, household appliances.

Price $40 m2

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How we work. Step by step:

Your application

You call or leave a request. You consult with the designer, tell about your wishes, ideas, tasks, needs - if there are any - for replanning. Clarify the details, terms and cost.


Meeting and elaborating the concept

At the meeting with the designer you discuss the concept of the future design. In order to do this you fill the design brief, discuss the examples. During the creation of your interior we think out everything to the last detail. Therefore - everything matters: your job, temper, hobbies, habits of family members, family pets, existence of favorite furniture, which must be inserted to the interior.


Layout development

The designer develops a preliminary design – a technical assignment for future project. He plunges himself into your project: he arrives to the object, conducts measurements, makes necessary photos, elaborates the usage scenarios for each room. In consequence of this you obtain the optimal planning solution, sketches, mood boards - first visual representation of the future interior.

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Most exciting stage. We develop 3D-visualizations of each room. You can see in details, how your future interior will look.

from 5 days


Work drawings

We develop the full set of construction drawings and specifications. Proficiently made and clear drawings significantly boost the process of renovation, as well as prevent errors and «rearrangements» afterwards. There won't be, that refrigerator door hits the window sill on opening, and you will not uncover after finishing the walls, that there's a shortage of sockets near your cozy armchair with a floor lamp. Specifications contain the results of selection of finishing materials and furniture.

We prepare the complete set of drawings, with layout of sockets, light fixtures and switches and all drawings, necessary for builders. We prepare also specifications - the results of finishing materials' and furniture selection with manufacturers specified.

to 21 days


Design supervision and engineering procurement of the object

If you made a decision about further co-operation, we provide you with the design supervision of the object, monitoring the process of construction to obtain the best result possible. We'll also attend the procurement of finishing materials and furniture.

from 3 months


Want to renovate your home but don't know where to start?

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About us

Core principle of our work is to create timeless architecture and interiors.

Andrey Blinder

Architect, interior designer

We've got more, than 10 years of experience and more, than 130 successful projects. We are proud of each of them.

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Architect, designer

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Design of our objects does not get out of date. It will be relevant in both 5 and 35 years' time.

Lyudmila Kora


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm afraid, that the designer will draw one thing, but the builders will construct another...
To make you see your future design, we make the realistic 3D-visualizations. An in the course of design supervision we control the process of design implementation by the builders.
What if I don't like the design?
With professional approach practiced by us it's merely impossible, that you won't like the design. For it is being created in the course of our close cooperation: common discussions, looking at the examples, samples, catalogues and approved by you at each stage. And if you don't like the result at some stage, we work on it, until it 100% matches your understanding.
Doesn't the budget grow in the course of the project?
We work within the preset budget. The price of the interior items is discussed with you.
May I go without the design supervision?
You may go without purchasing the design supervision. But our experience has proven, that the customer needs it more, than the designer does. It will guarantee, that the project will be implemented correctly - the way it was elaborated, not the way it is convenient to builders. You eliminate the risks of errors and remaking afterwards and do not waste your time for arguments with the construction team. We offer the 1st month of the design supervision for free to make sure, that everything goes right at the object and design project is implemented as intended. After this term - at a moderate charge.
But even so - it's too expensive to purchase the design project from the designer
The price of the design project usually comprises no more, than 5% of the cost of renovation itself. And you will receive the beautiful and well-thought space, avoid the risks of failed renovation and wasted finishing materials and, naturally, spare your nerve cells for this money.
You can draw anything, but where am I supposed to find all this furniture and lighting fixtures? And at what prices?
All the furniture, sanitary equipment, finishing materials and interior items, specified in the project by the designer, are absolutely real goods, buyable in the retail networks. All goods are selected within the budget, specified by you. But even if in the course of the project development a price for specific goods is unacceptable for you - tell the designer about it, and he will select more affordable analogue.
Didn't find the answer for your question?
Our designer will consult you free of charge
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