New York concept house

An apartment in Contemporary style in a clubhouse in Kyiv

55.2 m
28 days

Develop a project for rent Premium segment of real estate. When designing, use simple and clear techniques of functional zoning. Properly use the client's budget, while equipping the apartment with everything necessary for comfortable living of guests. Create a living room space with a compact kitchen niche, bedroom, and bathroom.


The apartment is intended for long-term rental for single or a young couple. Since the object is located in the residential complex “New York”, with its characteristic architecture of the metropolitan city, we immediately decided on the style. We had to completely alter the layout left by the developer. We were able to functionally place all the necessary areas in the apartment according to the technical specifications. Following contrasting palette of finishing materials was applied: dark cabinet and upholstered furniture against the light background of the walls. The biggest wall in the studio, which is decorated with clinker bricks, became a bright accent in the interior. On one of the walls of the studio, lamellae from solid ash wood were used, which filled the space with the warmth of “living forms”. Textile panels were used in the bedroom as a wall trim, with tinted glass accents them of. The bathroom is made of the single material that imitates natural marble. In general, the atmosphere of the apartment corresponds with the architectural appearance of the residential complex.

Customer's testimonial

I express my deep gratitude to the team of the company Archline Design for the work done working together and getting a wonderful result. I am very glad that on the advice of my sister appealed to you and ordered the design + support for the system "all inclusive". It was very nice your penetration concept of the house itself, which allowed to create Stylish design that fits my needs. I was very pleased ease in communication with you allowing both to be a full-fledged participant in the process, and feel your support with the ability to seek advice at any time. I wish your team creative success and continue to make the world a little more beautiful! Thanks again

Alesya Makarenko
August, 2019

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