Sand Dunes

Apartment in a modern style

100 m
40 days

Create a comfortable interior of a residential apartment in soft pastel colors using classic techniques in the design of rooms.


Our task was to divide the space into comfortable blocks. After dismantling of all the partitions, we created a living and sleeping areas. Due to furniture design, we separated the living room from the hallway. Thus creating a harmonious and comfortable space in the room. The kitchen area and its island part flow into the dining room where the whole family can comfortably enjoy their time. We filled the nursery with lavender color, which created an unforgettable effect of a flower meadow. The sleeping block is located in the back of the apartment. An interesting solution was the glass partition that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. Besides, we managed to place two small sinks under the window in the bathroom area. In general, this interior is characterized by calm materials and textures. Everything is simple and natural here. This space relaxes and pacifies. In process of creating and implementation of the interior, we were guided by the principle - “simplicity inspires”.

Customer's testimonial

I want to say thank you and your team for your work and for your sincerity, for hearing your customers! Beautiful, comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail! I will be pleased to recommend you as professionals!

Natali Novak
April, 2020

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