Stretenskaya 18

Apartment for a family of 4 people

126 m
40 days

Combine two apartments in one space so that it was comfortable for a family of four to live in it. Allocate a separate master block of the bedroom with its own bathroom and storage area.


This apartment is located in the heart of the city of Poltava in one of the prestigious residential complexes. The object is two one-room apartments interconnected. As a result of the redevelopment, a camphor space for a family of four was obtained. The apartment is divided into a living and sleeping area with a narrow isthmus in the entrance hall area. The living room is an integral part of the kitchen-dining room. The sleeping block consists of a parent block, where there is a separate bathtub with an entrance through the dressing room, and a children's block for two same-sex children. It was decided to design the entrance to the guest bathroom through the master room, where a washing machine is installed. The main color motif in the project is a smoky gray-beige shade, which is complemented by natural materials. The calmness of the overall color scheme is favorably emphasized by brass elements and various textured textiles of matting, linen and suede.

3D panorama

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