Vanilla Sky

Apartment in a modern style

130 m
50 days

Develop a functional layout of the apartment for a young family with parents. Plan the space so that the sleeping blocks of the mature and younger generations spread to different parts of the apartment. To prevent cross-flows, develop an additional bathroom for a young family and a bedroom for a small child. To equip the total space of the apartment as a studio with a kitchenette and a dining area. When designing, preference should be given to classic design techniques.


The apartment is located in a new residential complex in the heart of Poltava.⠀ We managed to convince clients to use the Modern Classic style. In order to add more elegance to the interior, we used classic finishes and modern furniture. The bedrooms are isolated as the apartment accommodates 5 people of different ages.⠀ Thus, we placed the sleeping block of the younger generation in the nearest part of the apartment with a separate entrance. It has three rooms: a bedroom for young parents with an attached loggia, a nursery and a separate bathroom with a shower. The kitchen area with an island sink and a bar are located in the studio, as well as a dining room and living room with a large modular sofa.⠀ From the living room we left the entrance to the parents bedroom and the bathroom.⠀ The main color of the wall decoration is white. The focus was made on brass elements: lamps, furniture designs. In the bedroom, to expand the cramped space of the room, were used bronze mirrors. In general, the interior impresses with its elegance, ease and functionality.

3D panorama

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