Parkovyy 3.0

Apartment in Contemporary style in Poltava

127.2 m
73 days

Develop a space for a young family with one child. Provide a kitchen-dining room, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms for the child and parents. Separate the dining area from the living room with a light transparent partition. Place two separate bathrooms and utility room with laundry. In the parent to provide a dressing room.


Since the apartment was of two-sided orientation and was very elongated in length, we divided it into two parts: a bedroom and a guest. From the corridor, which connected parts of the apartment, placed the entrances to the bathrooms and utility room. The entrance to the kitchen of the dining room is made from the living room through a transparent sliding door system to the full height of the room. This allowed to visually combine these spaces.

3D panorama

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